Generally recommended intake amount for women



Calcium :  1000-1200mg per day

Vitamin D3:  600-1,000 iu per day


Bone Loss after the Menopause:

The rapid loss of bone that occurs in the first years after menopause is due to the fall in estrogen productions.  However, getting enough calcium is still important for 2 reasons.  First, it will slow the gradual loss of bone that occurs with aging.  Secondly, and most importantly, it will prevent the calcium-deficiency bone loss that contributes to bone fragility.  Research data show that calcium deficiency does increase the risk of fracture.


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*Information on this page has been compiled from various web sources, and is not intended to be an infringement of copyrights or diagnostic in nature. Please always consult your physician before introducing a significant change in your diet. For attribution and content sources, please see downloadable PDF links.*

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