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At Loudoun Women’s Healthcare Associates in Lansdowne, Virginia, Dr. Chauncey Stokes, Dr. Roopa Duggal, and nurse practitioner Jessica Braun provide a host of in-office procedures. They’ve treated many women who live in Lansdowne and nearby Leesburg, Virginia, and many of their patients recommend the providers.

In-office Procedures Q & A

What Are In-Office Procedures?

In-office procedures refer to any medical procedures that are provided in a doctor’s office. Wellness visits typically aren’t thought of as in-office procedures, because they’re basic check-ups. Any service that treats a condition and is done in an office, however, is an in-office procedure.

What In-Office Procedures Do OB/GYNs Offer?

Many services and treatments that OB/GYNs and their nurse practitioners provider are able to be done right in their office. Some examples of in-office procedures that an OB/GYN may offer are:

  • Birth control services, including Implanon® insertion, hysteroscopic sterilization, and diaphragm fitting

  • Abnormal Pap smears and irregular bleeding treatments, including endometrial biopsies and cervical polyp removal

  • Genital warts treatments, including cryotherapy and trichloroacetic acid application

  • Incontinence and vaginal prolapse treatments, including pessary fittings and basic cystometric

  • Heavy period treatments, including endometrial ablation

Many pregnancy services, such as a first-trimester dating ultrasound, biophysical profile, and non-stress test, can also be done in a doctor’s office.

Are In-Office Procedures Safe?

As long as they’re done by a licensed physician, in-office procedures are safe. These are fairly simple procedures that don’t require lots of support equipment and staff, so a hospital’s resources aren’t necessary. Doctors won’t do procedures that are more involved, require advanced support, or have high chances of complication in an office. They’ll only perform procedures that can be safely done in an office setting at their own office.

How Long Do In-Office Procedures Take?

In-office procedures vary in how long they take, but they’re all done as outpatient procedures. Some take just a few minutes, and others require part of a day. After a procedure is over, regardless of how much time it takes, patients are typically welcome to return home. (Sometimes patients may need a ride home and someone to stay with them once their home, depending on what in-office procedure they underwent.)


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