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At Loudoun Women’s Healthcare Associates, nurse practitioner Jessica Braun, Dr. Roopa Duggal, and Dr. Chauncey Stokes have helped many women who live in Lansdowne and Leesburg, Virginia lead healthy lives. Respected by both their patients and peers for their expertise, the providers are regarded by many as some of the leading nutrition and wellness specialists in the area.

Nutrition & Wellness Q & A

Who Should Consider Seeing a Nutrition and Wellness Specialist?

All women ought to consider talking with a nutrition and wellness specialist about their health. Specialists who focus on women’s health are able to help women who are healthy take actions that will reduce their risk of injury and illness, and improve their quality of life. For women who are suffering, women’s health specialists are often able to either diagnose and treat the ailment.

What Issues Can Nutrition and Wellness Specialists Help Women With?

Nutrition and wellness specialists are able to help women with a host of issues. They may be able to help with everything from helping a pregnancy go well to addressing recurring yeast infections. Because a woman’s diet and lifestyle have a significant effect on her health, specialists are often able to alleviate symptoms by recommending diet and lifestyle changes. In some cases, improving these things will even make an ailment go away or prevent it from coming back.

What is a Nutrition and Wellness Appointment Like?

A nutrition and wellness appointment is a lot like a typical doctor appointment. Most providers will begin the appointment by getting the patient’s medical history, family history, and vital signs. The provider will usually then have a discussion with the patient, and they may want to perform an exam. At the end of the appointment, the provider will make any appropriate recommendations, and another appointment might be scheduled.

Are Nutrition and Wellness Appointments Covered by Health Insurance?

Whether a nutrition and wellness appointment is covered by a woman’s health insurance depends on several different factors, including:

  • The terms and conditions of the woman’s insurance policy

  • The purpose of the appointment

  • Who the appointment is with

  • Whether the appointment is requested by a doctor

Women should check with their insurers to see if a particular nutrition and wellness appointment policy will be covered by their insurance.


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