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Drs. Roopa Duggal and Chauncey Stokes have provided sterilization procedures for many women who live in Leesburg and Lansdowne, Virginia who didn’t want any more children. Because of their experience and commitment to quality healthcare, their practice, Loudon Women’s Healthcare Associates is recommended by many of their patients.

Tubal Sterilization Q & A

What Are Sterilization Procedures?

Sterilization procedures are a permanent form of birth control. They’re medical procedures that biologically prevent women and men from having children.

What Sterilization Procedures Are Available for Women?

The sterilization procedures that have been developed for women can be categorized by how invasive they are:

  • hysteroscopic sterilizations don’t require an incision

  • laparoscopies, mini-laparotomies, and laparotomies require small incisions

  • hysterectomies require sizeable incisions

(Hysterectomies can also be performed laparoscopically or even robotically, both of which require only small incisions. Traditional hysterectomies, however, require significant incisions.)

What is a Hysteroscopic Sterilization?

A hysteroscopic sterilization is a specific type of tubal sterilization, which means the fallopian tubes are closed off. This prevents a woman’s egg from going down her fallopian tubes to her uterus, and thus stops sperm from ever reaching an egg.

A hysteroscopic sterilization is done by blocking the fallopian tubes with small devices that are implanted. The tubes can be reached through the body's natural openings, so no surgical incision is required.

What is Essure?

Essure is a specific hysteroscopic sterilization that has been proven to be effective and is easy to administer. Essure provides the devices which are inserted into the fallopian tubes by a qualified gynecologist.

Is Essure Covered by Insurance?

Health insurance coverages vary from policy to policy. Many health insurers provide full or partial coverage for Essure. Women should check with their health insurance company to find out whether their specific policy covers the procedure.

Who Might Be a Good Candidate for Essure?

Any woman who doesn’t want to have any more children might be a good candidate for a hysteroscopic sterilization, and Essure is one of the most-used hysteroscopic sterilizations. Women should discuss their particular thoughts on birth control and any medical conditions they have with their OB/GYN to determine whether the procedure is appropriate for them.